Grooming is an art!
Go ahead and master it.

When was the last time you stepped outside your house, looking as if you've just rolled out of bed. Don't remember? Well, times have changed. Just like women, men are now expected to present themselves with clean style and confidence, in the worlds of both business and pleasure. Researchers found out that men spend 83 minutes a day on personal grooming. On the contrary, women take just 79 minutes. Not at all shocking!

Since with a hectic life, many of us do not have the time to step into a salon or spa, with a proper men's grooming regime, a man can look as if he just stepped out of an expensive day spa. So go ahead, try using some of our simple tips and get ready to make a strong statement!

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Belt

A belt is among the most essential components of any man’s wardrobe, affecting his overall style and the comfort with which he can carry himself. However, the art of choosing the appropriate belt isn't known to most guys. Here, we are listing some of the bare requisites that should be remembered when choosing a belt

Belt Color & Buckle

The color of the buckle should be in coherence with your overall style statement. If you tend to wear sober clothes, very loud, metallic buckles are out of the question. Silver buckles make more sense with denims and darker shades of black and brown. Golden buckles should be considered only if you like the blingy tone. Belts where the buckle and belt are of the same color are considered lame so it is better to avoid them.


The belt shouldn’t be so long that its overhang creates loops around your waist. It shouldn’t be so small that its termination point is easily visible. A decently-size belt should be able to extend beyond four-to-six inches beyond the buckle. This rule can be relaxed a bit, but not by much since a bigger overhang looks untidy.


Rather than getting worried about the width of the belt, you should concentrate upon the breadth of the belt loops in your trousers. The belt should be able to slide through the loops rather than fighting them. Try not to choose belts that are too thick, almost on the verge of looking like a lady’s ensemble. Some guys are under the impression that a wide belt can camouflage their paunch. This is a misconception since the belt-hugging bulge becomes even more prominent.


Leather belts remain the unquestioned king in this domain. There are leathers procured from various types of skins. Most animal skin belts offer a good degree of usability in terms of appearance and longevity. The pure leather stuff is priced higher and is easily noticeable. Faux leather belts are better worn when they don’t pack too much shine as this tends to give away the truth about the fabric. If you are looking for sportier or funkier belts, try to pick belts made from cloth, denim and canvas.

Belt Style

It is always better to opt for a style that you can carry with confidence rather than wearing belts that are too loud or radical for you. For instance, some people have started wearing canvas belts. These aren't suited for everybody, particularly those who like to look tidy rather than sporty.

More Belt Buying Rules:

Don’t choose dress belts for jeans and casual belts for office pants.

Always pick a belt that offers at least two-to-three extra holes.

Don’t pick blingy, loud buckles unless you need party belts.

Pick belts in coherence with the color of your shoes.

Remember, a belt remains a conventional-yet-contemporary part of every man’s wardrobe. Unless you try something extraordinarily bizarre, chances of going wrong with a smartly-chosen belt are almost negligible. When in doubt, seek a second opinion on your choice.