Samsung Galaxy Gear vs. Sony SmartWatch 2 – the 1st wearable tech battle, a war over your wrist!
Sep 10, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear vs. Sony SmartWatch 2 – the 1st wearable tech battle, a war over your wrist!

Samsung last week introduced a wearable device that is a watch, has a camera, internet connectivity, more storage and RAM than many phones in the market. Earth shattering! Right? Many think, that Samsung, now, is the pioneer in the wearable technology department but do so at your own peril with the second edition of Sony's SmartWatch launched recently too.
Sony's latest wearable tech creation, the SmartWatch2 (SW2) is attractively styled, water-resistant, and sports plenty of apps and watch faces but the Samsung Galaxy Gear is a strong contender for your money and wrist too, running a specially tweaked version of Android powered by an 800MHz processor, and flaunting a big colour OLED screen and even has a mic and speaker plus a camera.
Sony's SW2 is a small sized, light and attractively styled and featured an extremely comfortable and flexible silicon wristband available in a range of colours to choose from. Measuring a mere 1.65 inches tall by 1.61 inches wide and 0.35 inch thick, the SW2 is also extremely svelte and weighs just over 22 grams. Compared with the SW 2, the Galaxy Gear is physically more imposing, measuring 1.45 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide and 0.44 inch thick and weighs about 74 grams. The Gear would be available in 6 colours - jet black, mocha gray, wild orange, oatmeal beige, rose gold, and lime green.
Speaking of basic capabilities and user interface, with the SW2, you get the same touch-screen UI, sliding widgets for viewing weather, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other phone alerts also important is that the SW2 is compatible with many Android handsets, not just select Sony phones. Gear supports voice control and is able to make and receive calls and video memos. Designed as a companion for the newly introduced Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1, Gear also notifies wearers of text messages and other updates but doesn't function on its own, requiring a Bluetooth connection to work.
The Galaxy Gear will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 3 in 140 countries beginning on September 25 and will be available worldwide in October and will be priced around Rs. 15000. And Guest what else is great? The man behind the gear is… YES! An Indian, Pranav Mistry, he is the Head of the Think Tank Team and the Director of Research of Samsung Research America.
With rumours about apple working on a smartwatch flying left, right and centre, it is safe to say that the battle for the wearable tech will only intensify in times to come and these exciting products while erstwhile only seen in movies, will become cheaper, better and everyday products!
We just can't wait, what about you?

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