Internet Security – How safe are you in reality?
Sep 02, 2013

Internet Security – How safe are you in reality?

1. Every single password I own is a random selection of alphabets and numbers with special characters and uppercase thrown in as well.
2. I change my password regularly (At least once every month).
3. I don't know anybody whose facebook/linkedin/gmail/any other account got hacked.
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you really deserve a pat on the back (along with people you know too) but the chances are many of us actually answered NO to at least one of the above statements and there will be more than few with NO for all three as well.
In this time and ages when all of us are online almost all the time and many of us have documented even the most intimate details online on social media websites and/or email accounts, Internet security is no laughing matter anymore and neither are passwords – gone are the days when your date of birth was considered a safe enough password (not that it should have ever come in the first place)
Google the words "Facebook Hack 2013" and you will know just how easy AND cheap it is to hack into somebody's account and play havoc on their piece of mind and if Mark Zuckerberg's account can be hacked, none of us is safe. Another example that comes to mind is the "Sextortion attempt" on Miss Teen USA -Miss Wolf, last week – Her laptop and its webcam got hacked and the hacker was remotely accessing her webcam to click intimate images of the girl with the intention to blackmail her. She received an anonymous email in which the sender claimed to have stolen images from the camera on her home computer. The emailer threatened to go public with images captured from Wolf's webcam unless she agreed to his demands.
Agreed, the Zuckerberg hacking happened as a White Hat attack gone bad as the hacker just wanted to  tell facebook about a bug in their security protocol. Something, which facebook first denied and then accepted and made changes to their privacy policy protocol faster than humanly possible. Internet security is something that almost companies take very seriously and are making very stringent efforts to enhance and up keep religiously, but that doesnt mean we can become lax about it.
But please do not even begin to think that the whole Miss Teen USA episode was a one off - it just got the prominence it deserved purely because of who it happened to. Stuff like this happens on a very regular basis to regular people like us too. Not trying to cause any sort of panic here but just want to mention to stay careful and be smart about how we surf the net and how we set our passwords. Everything else aside, Just one thing can protect you more than any antivirus out there - Never keep the same password for multiple websites. Just imagine, if one account gets hacked, its almost like serving all your accounts on a silver platter to the hacker!
Another question, how much time do we all spend on facebook/twitter/linkedin/etc each day? All of us have seen links or images like the one listed below
The MO of these clickjackers is that they tempt you into clicking on the link supposed liked and/or shared by your facebook friend (who got spammed in the 1st place!) Now, comes a supposed video, when you click on play, it leads you to a third party website, where they try and scam you into signing up for things or to answer a survey or something like that. What also happens behind the scene is that on clicking the play button, you also end up liking something on facebook, allowing the hacker all your personal information, ability to post on your behalf and also your friends list.
We can list pages after pages of people/websites that got hacked and we really wouldnt need to list the amount of grief and stress it causes the person such an act happens to because we can all imagine what it would be like.
Take care out on the net, and fix your passwords today!

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