“I have a need, A Need for Speed.”
Jul 24, 2013

"I have a need, A Need for Speed."

The ignition is turned, fuel begins to burn,
Pistons start to pump and the needles and meters start to turn
The driver engages the clutch
All the accelerator needs is a soft touch
The tires screech - burn out - smoke appears
The car launches like a fighter jet,
The speed seems to pose a huge threat
A corner comes up, the brakes come to play
The wheels scream to find their grip on the asphalt and clay
The cars exhaust is louder than a lion's roar
The experience can be anything but a bore
There can be no better words to express how much I love to drive!
If the above lines defined the way you think about your ideal driving experience, then especially these three car launches will excite you like nothing else. July traditionally has always been a crazy month for all of us car aficionados and this July hasn't disappointed yet either. We will look at 3 high profile car launches (or in one case – relaunch). Power, Beauty, Horse Power, Torque – if these 4 terms are in your every day vernacular, these babies will be enough to set you drooling and counting money all the way to the auto dealer.
Audi S6 launched for Rs 86 Lakhs (ex showroom – Delhi)
The new S6 is a perfect combination of luxury, high performance and practicality. Loaded with tech features, this sports car is sure to win sporty city drivers' attention. The S6 is the sporty version of sedan A6 and is capable to doing 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds and onwards to an electronically limited top speed of 248km/h . The S6 is powered by a 4 litre, V-8 twin turbo engine and gives out an output of 420 hp. It has luxury features like four zone air conditioner, Audi Parking Plus Aid, electrically adjustable sport seats with memory functions for the driver and sun blinds.
Audi RS 5 launched for Rs 96 Lakhs (ex showroom – Maharashtra)
The RS5 is basically a sports version of the A5 and is already on sale in India since 2011. Though the 2013 RS5 is based on the same platform, it's wider and lower than the later. Mechanically, the car remains the same, deriving its power from a naturally aspirated, 4.2-litre V8 all-aluminum, direct injection engine, it churns out the maximum power output of 444bhp. The power is transmitted to all four-wheels via company's popular Quattro all-wheel drive system. It touches the 0-100kmph mark in only 4.5 seconds and attains a top-speed of 280kmph. With distinctive Audi styling and the promise of mind blowing performance, the 2013 Audi RS5 looks poised to win the hearts of many Indian performance car enthusiasts.
Jaguar F Type launched for Rs 1.37 Crore (ex Showroom – Maharashtra, Pre- Octroi)
This beast in a beautiful exterior is certainly more than just another addition to Jaguar's impressive line of sports cars and GT models. As Jaguar's only open top two-seater sports car ever made since the iconic E-Type, the F-Type represents a return to the company's heartland, and it is now finally here in India. The range-topping F-Type V8S (Rs 1.61 Crore, ex showroom, pre octroi) will reach 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of 300 km/h. The lower spec V6 F-Type S version will take 4.9 seconds to cover the same distance and tops out at 275 km/h.
To conclude the following lines deserve a mention - Ebony Magazine, as early as in their Nov 1987 post wrote, "...One has to go back a while to recall a time when cars were simply means of transportation. In those days, they were just considered automobiles. Today, cars are extensions of their owners. They make statements about the character and status of their owners. They are loved, polished and pampered by some owners. They elicit a wide range of emotions, ranging from exasperation when they don't work to pure delight when they are expensive, beautiful and drive like a dream. They cause people to stare and drool and say "Some day...."
All of us have a dream machine, a car which defines us, or rather we like to think we define that car. Most of us since childhood have had dreams about roar of turbo tuned V8 super engine and the joys of being at the wheel of such a car. Your "some day..." car. So which car is your "some day......" car?

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