The All New Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc
Jul 10, 2013
The All New Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc

Finally, a bike that really is built like a gun and goes like a bullet

How many of us have had this conversation at one point in time or the other, "Dude, lets go on a road trip, I'll take my car and it will be awesome!" and the reply is, "Forget it man, lets go on my bike!"
There are four motorcycles in India that have achieved cult status, and have followers so loyal, that they wouldn't ride anything else. Two are from Yamaha - the RD350 and the RX100 - both known for their extreme acceleration. The Jawa Yezdi is loved by its admirers for the engine's roar and its immaculate handling.
But even before these three motorcycles had even come into the Indian market, the Royal Enfield Bullet had already seen glimpses of a maniacal fan following. So much so, that the term Bullet became a generic term to describe any product from the brand, and the brand itself. But now that Royal Enfield has brought back the Bullet 500, where does it fit? It's not Thunderbird, their highway cruiser. It's not the versatile old-school-yet-modern-milled Classic. It is also not the entry level standard Bullet 350. The only way to find out is by riding it.
The on road price for newly launched Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc in Delhi is – Rs 1,53,855/ –.The price is same for Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi NCR and Kerala, which are also the cities/state where Royal Enfield Bullet 500 CC will be available in first phase. Bullet is the oldest motorcycle in continuous production with a fiercely loyal customer base not only in India but also across the globe.
The Bullet 500 is a long awaited model and comes with an array of features such as disc brakes, rear gas shock absorbers give a smoother ride and the 12-volt electrics power the halogen, telescopic front suspenders, pillion backrest and electric start apart from all of the usual. Styled in the image of its 1955 namesake, Royal Enfield's latest 500cc Bullet offers riders classic motorcycling from a brand with a pedigree stretching back to 1901.
Valenced steel mudguards, hand-painted gold coach-lines on the petrol tank and side panels, and winged Royal Enfield badges adorn the latest incarnation of the Bullet. The Bullet has been in continuous production since 1949 and could easily be mistaken for a restored machine from the 1950's. Like its predecessors, it is powered by a 499cc single cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 84mm x 90mm. However, the engine is Royal Enfield's new unit construction design, introduced in 2009, with 5-speed gearbox and wet multiplate clutch, for fuss-free gear changes.
So all of this leads us to the ever lasting question, Which is/was the 'REAL BULLET?" and we hear answers like Classic, Electra, Thunderbird, Machismo or Standard. Then the conversation turns in to "that Leh Road trip" and then city vs. highway and all of that. Why can't the "Real Bullet" be any model from Royal Enfield? After all they are all made like a gun!

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1471 days ago
Is there a Sports model & if so what is the model name.What is the Engine Configuration.Kindly reply.

sajia ali

1470 days ago
no 1 bike


1470 days ago
Good article