Don’t like the way your car looks or even the one you are planning to buy? Modify it!
Jun 26, 2013
Don’t like the way your car looks or even the one you are planning to buy? Modify it!

So, last month DC Design's visually delicious, beauty with a beast's exterior- DC Duster was unveiled, modified at a starting price of Rs 3.49 Lakh onwards. The DC Duster now has an entirely new front fascia with new headlamps, LED lights' trail fitted vertical to the fog lights. The body has been finished in fine matte black colour, while the chromes and logo have been replaced by DC logos both at the front and the rear. On the inside, it now gets a leather and faux wood finish, giving it a feel like a proper luxury car. The rear seat of the car has now been replaced by two seats that are six-way adjustable.
But for some reason, apart from the DC Duster, there wasn't much talk about 2 other modified cars from their stable- Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Thar.
First up is the DC Fortuner Lounge, which is now a super luxury SUV. The entire interior is now done up in cool blue and white trim. While a standard Fortuner can house at least 7 seven people in reasonable comfort, the DC Fortuner Lounge only carries 2 in the pinnacle of luxury plus 2 in the front. Instead of the second and the third row, there are two massive 24-inch captain's chairs and at the touch of a button can recline a full 150 degrees. Instead of "boring" LCD screens are iPads, which apart from doubling as individual screens, also control various aspects of the interior such as the seating and lighting. So how much does all of this cost? A whopping Rs 8.25 Lakh!
Next is the DC Thar. While the Fortuner still looks almost the same on the outside, the Mahindra Thar has been completely revamped; the traditional Jeep body gives way to a custom fibreglass body. The normal Thar has very basic interiors but DC Thar has modernized interiors with full black upholstery, an LCD entertainment system in the centre console and a set of sporty pedals. Of course, to keep you cool in summers, there is also an air-conditioning unit. The best feature by far is the targa roof for some wind-in-your-hair motoring. Want one? Keep Rs 10 lakhs handy.
What do you think about these custom vehicles?

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