A Smartphone doesn’t make you smart! Make a smart choice
May 22, 2013
A Smartphone doesn’t make you smart! Make a smart choice

Samsung's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, was formally launched in India recently. Unfortunately, many reviews have not been very kind, even though the S4 is touted the Life Companion with plenty of user-friendly features that connects people through richer photos, breaking language barriers, longer battery life and a crisper display. Having said that, there have been quite a few fans of this phone, people who just can't stop raving about how "kick-ass" it is.

Samsung set pretty high standards with Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S3 became the "best selling Android smartphone of all time", its larger screen size set the new standard for smartphones. But the company failed to impress with the S4. While reviews have been generally positive, with the exception of a few, many argue that the Galaxy S4 fails to live up to the hype.

After testing the Galaxy S4 intensively for four days and after admiring some of its features, it isn't a game-changer overall, It's a good phone, just not a great one. The design matters. Polish matters. The Galaxy S4 is fast and impressive and is a beautiful, high-horsepower Android phone, but basically, it is an updated Galaxy S3. If it was Apple, who adds the letter S to denote a slightly upgraded model, Samsung might have called this phone the Galaxy S3S.

But beyond disappointment with the phone's relatively minor but flashier enhancements, most of the reviews online have a common theme running through them: don't buy the Galaxy S4, there's a better alternative. So is that alternative the iPhone5? Nope. Rather, most recommend a rival Android phone: the HTC One, which has a sturdier aluminium body, dual stereo speakers, better screen resolution and twice the base memory.

A year ago, the iPhone4S was without doubt the best phone in the market, a few months later, Samsung's launched GS3 and was widely considered superior. For a long time, the smartphone market was a two-horse race. Now, that is no longer the case. The consumer now can chose from HTC One, Google's cheap yet powerful Nexus 4, LG's Optimus G, Sony's Xperia Z and Motorola is widely rumoured to be working on a revolutionary new "X phone." Apart from these, there are also an increasing number of similarly capable Windows phones and BlackBerry 10 devices.

The smartphone market is becoming more competitive than ever. Stay tuned for an in depth Smartphone analysis next week!

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